Healing is a Journey

October 4, 2019

Hi, I’m Rachel

Welcome to the 3 Sources MBN Journal! Wherever you might be on your health journey, know from the get-go that healing is a journey and I am passionate about helping people like you reclaim, attain and maintain optimal health and well-being, by developing online training courses and workshops that provide a clear framework to help you live as optimally as possible for the rest of your life. But first, I’d like to share a little about my own journey…

Six years ago, my health took a serious nose dive and my world was turned upside down. My adrenals were totally burnt out and over a period of weeks and months my symptom list continued to grow until one day the batteries literally just ran out and I struggled to put one foot in front of the other. Lifting my arms to get undressed in the morning or take a shower took every last drop of energy I had, sending me back to my bed again. Then followed neurological issues, gut problems, chronic joint pain, chronic insomnia and depression.

My body was a total mess. After an MRI brain scan, a lumbar puncture, endless blood tests (and countless other procedures too numerous to mention), an entourage of fifteen doctors, specialists, and consultants, each labelling me with a range of both non-specific and specific conditions, I was actively encouraged to start taking a laundry list of pharmaceutical medication. From my own research, I was adamant this wasn’t the solution, even on days when I felt totally desperate and alone. I knew I needed to take control of whatever was happening to my body if I wanted to increase my chances of being around for my family in the future.

I decided to take my power back and made my health and wellbeing a priority

And so, I did. I decided to take my power back and made my health and wellbeing a priority. I left behind the small business I’d poured my heart and soul into, which in reality had caused me tremendous stress. I turned away from toxic relationships, which drained my energy and vibration level. I used the time when I was not too fatigued to research how to heal my broken body, naturally. I started making very intentional nutrition and lifestyle choices that both empowered and reinforced my mind and body to start healing itself.

How I went from being bed bound to helping others live optimally and cultivate a lifestyle they love.

After two years of seeking answers, I had researched widely into alternative and natural ways to heal my broken body. I discovered my body was likely missing vital nutrients. The more I read, the more convinced I became that I could really change my loss of health by nourishing myself with nutrient dense food. I began to experience the benefits of changing the way I ate and as my health slowly started to improve I discovered that restoring my own health was not at odds with helping others achieve theirs. My desire to increase my learning led me to enrol on a Master’s degree in Personalised Nutrition. That was four years ago and I can honestly say that it was a pivotal moment in my life and I’ve not looked back since. 

Since then, I’ve studied Biological Medicine with Swiss physician Dr. Thomas Rau, director of the world renowned Paracelsus clinic in Lustmühle, who single-handedly strengthened my belief that healing is possible without pharmaceuticals, and to whom I will be eternally grateful for teaching me his “Three Pillars” theory to help others in their quest to live more optimally, as a “preventative” approach to long term health, to support those who are on a chronic disease spectrum, or for those already diagnosed with a chronic disease who wish to understand the vital role nutrition plays in their overall health and wellbeing.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because it’s important to know that niggling symptoms should never be ignored. They are your body’s way of telling you something isn’t right. Before I crashed, there were alarm bells, which I chose to put down to this reason or that, when really my body was screaming out to me to slow down, stop, take action.

I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I made. Learn to take notice to what your body might be telling you.

Am I perfect?

Nope! I have learnt that healing is a journey and takes time. During the early years of my loss of health I could barely function on any level. Making any meal was a major challenge and as I grew in awareness what nutrients I needed to nourish my body, I found recipe books far too overwhelming. I didn’t mind reading them, but implementing them was a leap too far! I did what I could manage, which was far from optimal, but all I was able to achieve at that time.

Fast forward six years, I developed the guide I wish I had back then. And I have learned over and over again that wherever any of us are on our health journey, whether we are looking to reclaim, attain, or maintain optimal health, eating optimally needn’t be complicated! I still follow the same format I’ve provided in my free Game Changers guide six years down the line. Why? Because the fundamentals of optimal eating are covered when you eat this way. Sure, there are times when I get more fancy, but overall this is the way I eat week in, week out. And it’s where I’d like to encourage you to start. So, you see, I’ve got you covered and it won’t cost you a penny!

Are you tired of trying to navigate your health? Do you want to reduce risk or heal naturally whilst cultivating a healthy and vibrant lifestyle you love?

I hear you and I can help

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And remember, healing is a journey...

I look forward to connecting with you soon

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  1. Lucy Thielen says:

    Thank you for sharing your story 🙏 you have a beautiful and noble heart ❤️ I look forward to learning from you .

  2. Eileen Nemeroff says:

    I am very interested in changing my lifestyle and eating habits.
    I would love to make the miracle broth. It looks so healthy.

    • Rachel Baker says:

      Hi Eileen

      There are plenty of resources to support you here. The miracle broth is a staple in our home. I make a batch every Sunday – it’s a nourishing ritual I find I look forward to. I hope you try it. x

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