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Shelley (Pender Island, Canada)

I've been encouraged to pay even more attention to my diet and have added her nutrient dense sauces to things I keep in my fridge to make quick healthy meals easier. I also love her easy to make recipes, which keep me using more plant nutrition and less animal products. Rachel's approach is perfect for the person who is looking for simplicity in their lifestyle and wanting a healthy diet without making a 'career' out of it."

"I appreciate Rachel's down-to-earth, wholesome and simple approach to healthy eating and living.

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My Food Philosophy

I believe that when we live with and observe the seasons, there is a beautiful feeling triggered at each and every stage - smells, patterns and memories of the year before brings a certain knowing and anticipation about what is about to happen next. For example, one of my favourite times is when the first peaches show up at the markets.

They signify the first, true taste of summer; the air is hot and dry, the cicadas are loud, and the days are long. And equally, I love the anticipation of the first frost, where the days are rapidly shortening, and the winter greens and root vegetables are abundant, as we prepare to retreat inwards for winter and await the new beginning in spring. Nature tells us what to do and how to eat. We may not all be able to buy locally grown peaches where we live, but there will be other things unique to our environment through the changing seasons.

To notice these changes, we need to interact with what’s around us, becoming curious observers every day. 

Eat the Seasons

Eating Naturally, and Simply

My food philosophy is to eat a natural, regional diet, 90% plants, mindfully sourced and prepared simply. Our everyday eating at home consists of food made for sharing and celebrating every day: year-round staples combined with fresh ingredients sourced locally; and the many simple meal elevators that bring it all together; a couple of jars of our favourite nutrient-dense sauces, a jar of something fermenting in the atelier sink; or a batch of homemade broth ready to go. To me, this is what food is about. It's the natural diet of our ancestors; it is about beautiful fresh produce that has been grown, gathered and nurtured with the seasons. It is about nutrient-rich foods and great experiences. And this is what our bodies are designed for; to flow in and out of the seasons, to connect with nature, bringing the two into balance.

A natural, mostly plant-based diet is one that works with what nature gives you. It means that we should eat a diverse mix of plants, pulses, and grains. 

Eating this way - having a natural, mostly plant-based diet full of whole food ingredients has supported me in my own healing journey and has made me happier, healthier, and more balanced than ever before. Nutrients come together better than science can adequately explain. When we eat as our ancestors did, when food is both produced well and prepared well, it naturally provides us with complete nutrition, and brings our bodies back into balance and back to nature at the same time. When our diet works with nature, each component comes together to give our bodies everything it needs to be nourished and healthy. 

Well-sourced whole food ingredients are full of nutrients that are in balance with each other, which helps us to efficiently absorb them. As the seasons move around us and our diet balances itself naturally, a symbiotic relationship develops and this is where the dance begins and the magic starts to happen.

Preparing food simply and mindfully does not need to take up lots of time in the kitchen, though I believe that once you start to experience the benefits of eating this way, you will enjoy nothing more than pottering in the kitchen as it will no longer feel like a chore. 

Becoming a natural eater in this way allows us to observe seasonal abundances, which, like the rest of nature, we respond to. It is a way of eating that is seasonal and full of whole food ingredients. It is full of variety and sustainable, and with each season that passes, we are gifted in return with whole body wellness.

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Refined sugar-free

À La Carte Recipes are all:

Rachel has a lovely, positive lifestyle approach to wellness. Her recipes are not complicated, but delicious, focusing on seasonal nourishment for the body.

- Cecilia (Paris, France)

You might have some questions...

Can I go at my own pace? I don’t want to feel overwhelmed.

Absolutely. Overwhelm is not part of the 3 Sources vocabulary. You can use the recipe suggestions however and whenever you want. Implementing one new plant-powered recipe at a time is often better than trying to implement too many in one go. Consistency is the key.

Are the recipes time consuming or contain hard to find ingredients?

No. The focus is on beautiful, fresh, seasonal food. A few good pantry staples are required (all of which can be sourced from grocery stores, health food shops, or online). The recipes are not arduous to make, especially once you’ve established a simple and sustainable prep routine.

Is it just for plant-based diets?

The recipes follow my mostly plant-based approach and food philosophy, which doesn't include meat, fish, or cow dairy. I believe we need to put more plants on our plate, so even if you don’t want to eat a 100% plant-based diet, you will still find endless inspiration and plenty of satisfying and delicious recipes to incorporate into your life.

What if I have food intolerances/allergies?

All of the recipes are gluten, cow dairy, and refined sugar free. Wherever possible, I provide recommendations for the most common allergens e.g. nuts and eggs.

What if it’s not for me?

Whilst I truly believe that the À La Carte Club will provide you with the plant-powered nourishment you need to support your personal version of wellness, if you decide it isn’t for you, you can cancel your subscription at any time.


How is À LA carte club different to the membership?

The Membership contains my full library of wellness offerings and is the culmination of all my experience. À La Carte Club includes the seasonal recipes I create and cook, using my food as medicine philosophy to help nourish you through the changing seasons. Please note: If you are currently in the Membership, À La Carte Club is not for you as you already have access to these recipes.

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"Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth."
- Henry David Thoreau

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