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The colour we all need. These Pomegranate, Beetroot and Cinnamon Shots are so pretty and delicious, and even though they don’t contain chocolate, I think they might be perfect for Valentine’s Day. The ancient Greeks believed that pomegranate juice was the symbol of Love, because their legends proclaimed that the first pomegranate tree was planted […]

The start of the citrus season always adds brightness and light to waning winter daylight. I am currently re-reading The Land Where Lemons Grow by English author Helena Attlee, which is transporting me to the citrus groves and scented gardens of Italy. My winter larder is never without a large jar of salt preserved lemons […]

Baking this scented and spiced Christmas bread marks the beginning of the festive celebrations and makes the house smell divine. Join me this year as I make this simple yeasted bread that’s naturally gluten free and studded with juicy cranberries, figs and nourishing pistachios. I love slicing this spiced bread thinly and eating it with fermented […]

A plant based, nutrient dense berry ice cream, naturally sweetened with dates and bananas and finished with fresh yarrow (Achillea millefolium) leaves and flowers (optional, but lovely). I used a mix of seasonal berries here; blackberries, raspberries and blueberries, but you can also choose just one type of berry – it will still be delicious. […]

I wasn’t expecting to have so many requests for my staple hummus recipe when I posted on stories today. I kind of assumed that most of us have a back pocket hummus recipe, because it’s one of those true staples that seems like second nature to me, which can be dressed up, or down, depending […]

In the springtime I love to gather up a basket, greet the sunshine, and pick fresh wild herbs and flowers to make a mineral-rich spring elixir. The gardens, fields, banks, and woods are filled with medicinal herbs during this time of the year. I call it an elixir because these high-mineral herbs and flowers are […]

Oh, hello, Spring is here. Spring is about new beginnings – the time of year to rise early and take brisk walks, reflecting the active nature of the season. It’s impossible not to notice new plant life pushing upwards towards the sun after winter’s slumber. The sight of tender young plants and trees filled with […]

I, like all of you, have been following the news with a heavy heart. There is no reconciling or making sense of what is unfolding in Ukraine, and at times it feels near to impossible to focus on regular day-to-day tasks when such violence is occurring. Like many others, I have been following Olia Hercules and […]

I have always loved good, wholesome food. However, when an autoimmune diagnosis crept up on me in 2015, I needed to take a step back and look deeply into what was nourishing me in my life, and what wasn’t. What I’ve learned (in both my professional and personal journey) is that food is medicine, but […]

Fruit is much more easily digested when it is cooked, especially during the winter when digestion is often sluggish. A simple, tried and tested therapeutic food – pureed apples with warming spices builds immunity and is wonderful for gut health. The healing properties come from the pectin in the skin of the apples that’s released […]

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