Maison Aumône


Maison Aumône is a 13th century Provencal village house situated inside the ancient ramparts of Bonnieux, an exquisite hilltop village set within the petit Luberon natural park. A hidden gem, with its own private walled garden and breathtaking views towards the cedar forest and hills, it's impossible not to fall deeply in love with a place steeped in history and charm.

Bonnieux village remains traditional at heart; locals still gather on cobbled streets to share stories, the rhythm of their day's dictated by the church bells that chime on the hour. The Provencal market in the village square bustles with life in summer and is beautifully still and serene in winter. I love our Provence home through the changing seasons in equal measure. 


Our Provence home has been designed, renovated and lovingly restored in a way that captures its humble past, as a place that offered respite and nourishment to those in need. With local brocante finds and unique furnishings; each piece tells its own story. From the main bedroom the antique clawfoot bath and French bed look out of huge, bespoke-made wooden windows to views of the cedar forest, the 'folds' of the Luberon hills, and the Provencal skies that rise and set in pinks and peaches to the chirping of birds and cicadas.

Maison Aumône, tucked away within its ancient walls is a place lost to time. Whispers of stories from deep within the old stone speak of its namesake; a place of deep nourishment, re-connection and restoration. This is a place to recalibrate, rest, and revive. A shelter from modern day life.


Filled with curated collections inspired by my life here, including; natural-dyed table and bed linen, tinted slowly by hand with local plants; mis-matched monogrammed cutlery, heirloom Provencal tableware and local pottery that I've collected over the years; objects that allow me to take full advantage of my surroundings and embrace a mindful, slower pace of life.

Maison Aumône is an immersive experience for all the senses, and it is here that I gather the season's bounty from the market gardeners, farmers, cheese mongers, bee keepers and bread makers who grow and produce the food I cook and forage for one-of-a-kind brocante treasures from the many local vide greniers and brocantes in the area.

At Maison Aumône, I embrace simple Provencal life, from the cobbled streets, abundant markets and vineyards, to the cherry orchards, olive groves, ancient forests and bories, which continue to delight and inspire the people who have chosen to live here.


Maison Aumône is a place to find respite, cultivate self-care, stillness, rest and deep connection. I know you will experience something unique and special here and I can promise you will come away inspired,  perhaps forever changed. 

“We never treat diagnoses. We never treat against symptoms. We always treat to make the regulation capacity better.” Thomas Rau MD at Paracelsus Clinic, Switzerland and author of Biological Medicine: The Future of Natural Healing.



Maison Aumône has two double bedrooms, a single bedroom and two bathrooms with walk-in showers. The main bedroom has an antique clawfoot bath. The salon has a dining table that seats six comfortably. No television; just the sound of the birds and cicadas... 

The kitchen is well equipped, with a Lacanche six-burner stove and two ovens, a generous fridge/freezer, and a small stocked pantry. There is also a washer and dryer. You will have access to the atelier, which is beautifully cool and perfect to come into with your fresh market produce. This leads to the orangerie, built into the cave, which houses our citrus trees in the winter and is a place of wonder and awe. 

The private walled garden is tiered, with separate areas to relax; lunching or dining beneath the shade of the pomegranate tree, reading and resting under the high boughs of the Micocoulier (nettle) trees where the world rustles and their deep roots rest in infinity, or find sanctuary in the morning or afternoon, sipping herbal tisane or coffee beside the many pots of aromatic herbs that I use in my kitchen and home apothecary.


I am a nutrition and lifestyle practitioner, writer, stylist, recipe creator and food photographer. Originally from Bath, England, I now call this hilltop village in Provence, home. Drawing inspiration from nature and the changing seasons, I create recipes and rituals using plant-powered ingredients, along with an evolving and ever-expanding library of wellness resources that I share via the 3 Sources Membership, an online wellness platform that aims to support others to live more optimally using my mind, body, nutrition philosophy, interwoven with seasonal rhythms, rituals, and classes. 

Take refuge in your senses, open up to all the small miracles you rushed through...' - John O'Dononue

Helping people reclaim, attain and maintain optimal health


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