Rachel Baker is a nutrition and lifestyle practitioner, writer, stylist, recipe creator and food photographer. Originally from Bath, England, she now calls a hilltop village in Provence home.

Drawing inspiration from nature and the changing seasons, Rachel creates recipes using plant-powered ingredients, along with an evolving and ever-expanding library of wellness resources that she shares via the 3 Sources Membership, an online wellness platform that aims to support others to live more optimally using her mind, body, nutrition philosophy interwoven with seasonal rhythms, rituals, classes, and more.

Meet Rachel


Rachel’s writing, styling, recipes and food photography has been featured in magazines, books and online journals internationally.

Her Provence home has also been photographed for magazines, books and styling guides as a source of inspiration.



FAIRE Magazine
cover image by Jamie Beck


Inspired Collaborations

Nutrition and lifestyle practitioner, writer, stylist, recipe creator and food photographer, Rachel is available for small or large projects. She is also founder of 3 Sources Membership and À La Carte Club for all the other wellness seekers around the world. For more information or questions feel free to reach out to Rachel if you would like to discuss working together.

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Rachel’s home in Provence has been featured and acknowledged in magazines and online resources as a source of styling inspiration. For photographic and/or editorial consideration please feel free to make contact if you would like to work together for print or online assets/features