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Tina (Hertfordshire, UK)

“Rachel’s approach is inspiring, knowledgeable and not patronising. I value her knowledge about food, what it does to the body, and how different foods can heal. Her approach would benefit someone who is either ill with a chronic illness, new to it, or someone wanting to really eat themselves healthy.”

Shelley (Pender Island, Canada)

"I appreciate Rachel's down-to-earth, wholesome and simple approach to healthy eating and living. I've been encouraged to pay even more attention to my diet and have added her nutrient dense sauces to things I keep in my fridge to make quick healthy meals easier. I also love her easy to make recipes, which keep me using more plant nutrition and less animal products. Rachel's approach is perfect for the person who is looking for simplicity in their lifestyle and wanting a healthy diet without making a 'career' out of it."

Fonda (Wimberley, Texas) 

“I am so glad I found Rachel’s page. She expresses herself with words and pictures, always asking for our questions and listening to them. I appreciate her understanding, caring and sharing of her own experience. I am trying to follow a cleaner diet. I want to do more in this area because I can tell it helps. I think Rachel’s approach is perfect for the person who cares about themselves and others, who is trying to live their life in a natural organic way both physically and emotionally.”

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