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When it comes to a healthy, glowing complexion, it’s what goes in your body as opposed to what goes on that’s the first factor to consider. Whether your goal is to eliminate skin issues or turn back the ageing process, glowing skin starts with what you eat. First and foremost, know this: good skin starts […]

When it comes to nutrition, there are many long held beliefs to dismantle – such as the counting calories myth, or following restrictive juice cleanses. A good place to start is understanding how these trends began so you can make informed decisions for your health. When it comes to fat, the misinformation began in the […]

What if I told you I know someone who has the ability to make you perfectly happy for the rest of your life? Wouldn’t you want to meet them? Now what if I told you that person is you? Your authentic self knows precisely what you are longing for in order to live your best […]

The modern western world would have you believe that reducing or removing animal foods in your diet will lead to deficiencies – but that’s an outdated notion. Protein, collagen, omega’s, B12 – plants have you covered. Mother Earth is a benevolent spirit, and the plants that grow from her soil provide all the nourishment your […]

From the beginning of time, humans walked barefoot and slept on the ground. But as time progressed, wearing shoes, standing on asphalt and sleeping on mattresses became the norm. These changes have disconnected us from the earth’s energy. This is significant because our bodies are composed of water and minerals, making electrons a necessity. The […]

In last weeks post, I discussed the foods and substances that both men and women should avoid before pregnancy in Part 1: Preconception Health 101: What to Avoid Before You Get Pregnant. Part 2 will focus on what to include before you get pregnant. Did you know that nutrition, stress and toxic exposure during preconception […]

Did you know that many women of indigenous cultures like the Kikuyu tribe – the largest ethnic group in Kenya – traditionally begin a special diet six months prior to marriage to prepare for pregnancy? (1). Pretty smart when research shows that certain birth defects can be traced to nutritional deficiencies prior to conception (2). […]

We are living in unique times. We are treading uncharted territory and it’s a shared experience. We are collectively being called to learn new skills and make quick-thinking important decisions whilst we are collectively exhausted at the same time. Never have we been more connected while disconnected simultaneously. In this world of chaos we have […]

Food is medicine. Bad food is bad medicine and makes us unwell in the long run. Good food is good medicine that can prevent, reverse, and even heal disease. When you take away the bad food and put in the good food, magic happens. The problem with conventional medicine thinking is that it treats diseases […]

Are you looking for a simple approach to eating healthy meals every day without sacrificing time? Are you too busy to sift (or scroll) through endless recipes looking for something healthy to eat every night? Do you have little time for full on meal planning or the motivation to want to cook when there’s so […]

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