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We are living in unique times. We are treading uncharted territory and it’s a shared experience. We are collectively being called to learn new skills and make quick-thinking important decisions whilst we are collectively exhausted at the same time. Never have we been more connected while disconnected simultaneously. In this world of chaos we have […]

Let’s be real. How full is your cup right now? Does it feel empty from time to time? I know mine does. In these uncertain times, perhaps you aren’t asking yourself this very often. I hope you are navigating these times with as much ease and grace as possible. If you are struggling, please know […]

Everything shifted for me six years ago, once I realised that my thoughts, energy and intentions all have real power. They each have the ability to move my day, well-being and life towards working for my good, or against it. When I wasn’t aware of this power, my life was like a leaf blowing in […]

So many of us are raised to believe that hard work is what makes us valuable. I don’t come from a highly driven background, but my family had circumstances that conspired to make me believe that my value was absolutely dependent on my contribution, my performance and my action. With this deeply held universal belief […]

So many of us have been taught that taking care of ourselves is selfish. Many of us have also been taught that we shouldn’t have any emotional needs. The thing is, we can’t really show up for each other if we’re not tending to ourselves and if we are not fully resourced. Believe me, I’ve […]

2019 was a shifting year for me. For the year preceding it I could not let in any joy in my life because I didn’t feel as though I deserved it. It seemed I had somehow brought all the pain on myself, which made me incapable of allowing any goodness, any light to enter my […]

Did you know that 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February? I’ve never been a fan of making resolutions, but I do believe the start of a brand new year is the perfect time to plant and sow seeds of intention into our lives as well as in our hearts in order to thrive. […]

In our modern world we are induced to live external lives instead of internal ones. The constant distractions of electronic devices, media, and the news, strive to tell us who we are or how we should be. This ever-changing definition of the external self causes stress, confusion, and anxiety. To cope, we often use stimulating […]

Believe it or not, the amount of good bacteria we have inside our intestines directly influences our mood. Recent studies show that our brain affects our gut health and may even affect our brain health. This communication between the gut and the brain is technically known as the gut-brain axis. This article explores the gut-brain […]

If we are totally honest with ourselves, most of us fail to chew our food. Because of our increasingly busy lifestyles we are often in a stressed state and pressured for time, so food is eaten at a velocity that bypasses a number of important steps required for healthy digestion. In addition, the speed at […]

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