The Bloom Guide to a Happy, Healthy Pregnancy and Beyond

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Are you confused about what you should (and shouldn’t) be eating during preconception and pregnancy?

You’re not alone! Whether you’re trying to conceive, growing a baby, or wishing to set yourself up for a healthy postpartum, the Bloom Guide to a Happy, Healthy Pregnancy and Beyond is your perfect go-to resource for a healthier and happier journey into motherhood. It will navigate you through the key nutrients to focus on for better preconception health and fertility and optimal health throughout pregnancy and beyond

Because nutrition plays a critical role in fertility and a healthy pregnancy. In fact, evidence shows that nutritional habits have a significant effect on both male and female fertility. 

Interested in learning more?

I created this resource because I felt there was a lack of clear support for women during the motherhood journey. As a nutritional therapist I’ve spoken with women who struggle with fertility, those who have put their health and wellness on hold while they focus on their careers, and many others who are confused or unsure how to nourish themselves adequately during preconception, pregnancy and beyond. 

I’m here to change that…

As you probably know...

my expertise lies in helping others live as optimally as possible. This topic is never more so important than during your journey into motherhood. Education is one of my core values, because I know that understanding your body helps you take ownership of your health. That’s why I’ve created a resource that highlights the key nutrients to focus on when planning to have a baby, throughout pregnancy and into motherhood.

I’d like you to think of this guide as your secret weapon to optimal eating during this important time. 

- better preconception health and fertility
-optimal health throughout pregnancy 
- a thriving postpartum 

I designed this resource because I think you are also wanting a clear, accessible approach that will support you in having:


So, here’s what you’ll get:

- The key nutrients required for women (and men) when trying to conceive

- 10 steps to non-toxic living for improved hormone health 

- My 10 principles of a nutrient dense diet

- The one critical nutrient that most doctors don’t tell you about

- What to look for when choosing a prenatal vitamin

- Top tips for nourishing sleep to balance hormones

- 5 simple self-care strategies

- 12 nutrients to focus on during pregnancy and lactation

But wait, there’s more…

In addition, you’ll get the 3 Sources nutrient tips for a healthy and happy pregnancy chart – an in-depth and printable checklist for the best foods you need to focus on and the ones you need to avoid. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to stay healthy and happy throughout your pregnancy – from the moment you make the decision to have a baby – to the months leading up to your baby being born and beyond.

All at a giveaway price of £9.99. 



What is an ideal window to focus on the health and well-being of myself and my partner before trying to conceive?

In an ideal world, I recommend you take at least 3 months to focus on you (and your partner). This is covered in the guide

I’ve struggled with fertility; will this guide help me?

The guide is not a magic wand but it will make you aware of some of the everyday environmental toxins that are capable of interfering with your hormones and how to reduce them. Plus, the guidelines on a nutrient dense diet is your best ally in creating the ideal conditions for improving fertility.

I’m confused about what prenatal vitamin to choose – there’s so many choices.

The guide covers 6 things to look for when choosing a prenatal vitamin to support fertility, including a shorter time to pregnancy. 

Will I learn what foods to eat and avoid?

Yes. The guide includes a handy in-depth and printable chart, which covers the foods to focus on and the ones to avoid.

What happens once I’ve signed up?

You’ll get download links for your guide, which you can save as a PDF file.

How do I get started?

The best way to get started is to read through the guide as a whole to familiarise yourself with the framework. Next, download and print off the nutrient tips for a healthy and happy pregnancy chart and you’re set to go – I recommend you stick it somewhere visible in your kitchen as a reminder and a reference.

Anything else?

Email me at and I’ll be more than happy to help!


The Bloom Guide to a Happy, Healthy Pregnancy and Beyond

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