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Your Daily Dose: Gut-Healing Apples



3 apples (unsprayed, preferably organic), skins on

5 whole cloves

¾ tsp ground cinnamon

1 star anise (optional)

1/4 cup filtered water, plus more if needed


Roughly chop the apples and add to a small pan with the spices and filtered water. Simmer over a moderate heat for about 10 minutes, or until the apples are tender and there is already a slight sheen. Remove the star anise and 3 of the cloves. Transfer to a blender or food processor and blitz until smooth. Serve warm with a tablespoon of coconut yoghurt or cream (the thick cream on the top of a can of coconut milk).

Leftover healing apples can be stored for up to 3 days in a sealed jar in the refrigerator. Warm through before serving.