Fullness: The State Of Being Filled To Capacity

January 10, 2022

Sensing the fullness of life that is here, now, in this present moment; a life that is inseparable from who we are is a challenging state of awareness to be in for most of us.

I recently listened to an interview with the esteemed writer Jane Hirshfield who said this: “It’s my nature to question, to look at the opposite side… where there is sorrow, there will be joy; where there is joy, there will be sorrow.” Acknowledging the fullness of things, she insists, “is our human task.”

This made me ponder deeply on what has come into my life and how I’ve needed to find ways to accept and process these things, whether difficult or beautiful. The events and stories that have played themselves out in my life have shaped and filled my entire existence. Isn’t this in itself a kind of fullness?

Today, on this full moon, when the sun illuminates the entire moon, making it as full, round and bright as can be – A state of glorious fullness, I am leaning into this “fullness of life,” by acknowledging and releasing what has come before in this past cycle or season that is no longer serving me, and welcoming what comes to my door this next cycle or season.

my journal prompts for today

“What are my priorities/responsibilities? Are they the same?”

“What can be changed or adjusted?”

“What can I know?”

“A day, if a day could feel, must feel like a bowl.

Wars, loves, trucks, betrayals, kindness,

it eats them.

“Then the next day comes, spotless and hungry.

“The bowl cannot be thrown away.

It cannot be broken.

“It is calm, uneclipsable, rindless,

and, big though it seems, fits exactly in two human hands.

“Hands with ten fingers,

fifty-four bones,

capacities strange to us almost past measure.

Scented—as the curve of the bowl is—

with cardamom, star anise, long pepper, cinnamon, hyssop.”

– Taken from The Bowl by Jane Hirshfield

Resources inside the membership

Liquid Gold: Full Moon Ghee. Making ghee with the full moon is a beautiful monthly ritual to connect you with your own fullness and nourish you for the lunar cycle ahead. I like to use it medicinally in warm elixirs such as golden milk, adaptogenic tonics, or to sauté greens and other vegetables.

A bespoke-designed downloadable and printable month by month Lunar Calendar to help you discover a deeper connection with your intuition and seasonal nature.

A Guide to Following the Moon Cycles as a Form of Self-Care: You’ve likely heard me say it before; I believe that if we want to live more optimally we must learn to become more sensitive to the rhythmic patterns of the seasons and how these fluctuations affect the way we feel towards ourselves and to our environment. How we respond to the pattern of each day, and each season, has much to do with our vital interconnection with nature’s rhythms and cycles, whilst paying attention to our own.

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Other resources

Interview with Jane Hirshfield: The Fullness of Things

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